New: High Intensity Spanish
It Works Because It Makes Your Brain Sweat
If You Can Cope With This, Real Spanish Speakers Will Be A Breeze
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Become A Spanish Speaker - The Intense Way
Don't waste your time on unnecessary stuff like grammar and vocab lists.
Focus on the toughest and most valuable effort you can make - and enjoy your well-earned breaks
Always Speaking
The more you talk, the easier it gets,
so we really make you speak...
Don't Write It Down!
Let go of your desire for conscious control - 
you don't need it, and you're faster without it...
Clear Steps
You'll always know what comes next, 
and you'll never get stuck and lose momentum
Watch This Video To See Phil And Alison After ONE Day of Spanish!
Phil and Alison started learning Spanish at about half-past nine in the morning.  In the late afternoon, they went for a bite to eat at La Tasca's in Cardiff.

Listen to them using their Spanish - on the same day they started learning.

What is your time worth to you?
"I spent ONE day learning Spanish with this course, 
and I had a wholly enjoyable conversation with my 
work mate David Sosa from Mexico the next morning."
Louis van Ekert
Security Architect, Sydney, Australia
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